Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kracov's Art

The Art of Kracov

I am an amateur artist of various skills.  I work on website designs, logos, game graphics, anatomy, comic book art, tattoo art, and many other things.
I have done work for game companies, such as Doom Ascension, and game communities such as DTWID, Abyssus Exitium and Unidoom.  I've worked on my own games such as Arc Soldor, Warmaster, Samhain card game, Doom RPG, and others.

I've created hundreds of my own characters, most notably from the Omegaverse comic book universe. I've designed hundreds of weapons and armors.  I plan to create a few comic books named Omega, Rage of the Wolf, and an unnamed project.

I am currently taking commissions and free art requests.

For more details, please visit my site

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